HY-TekĀ is a leading provider of digital aerials and set top boxes across the UK.

Our local teams work across the country repairing, supplying and installing durable high quality aerial installations to provide customers with access to Freeview Digital TV which includes an extended line-up of over 30 channels, including ITV2/ ITV3/ ITV4/E4/ More 4/ BBC3/ BBC4/ CBBC/ BBC2/4/ TMF and many more.

If you have recently bought a new Freeview Set Top Box or an Integrated Digital Television (IDTV) you might require a new aerial system to access all the available channels in your area. Digital signals either perform perfectly or very poorly, meaning that if your TV aerial is unsatisfactory it often will freeze and break up, or often not work at all.

HY-Tek can solve your viewing problems with a new digital aerial or upgrade your existing aerial. A good quality professionally installed digital Freeview aerial plays an essential part in allowing you to receive the complete digital TV signal and to avoid any freezing or cutting out.

Obstructions such as buildings, hills and location can also have a negative impact on the digital signal. This is another reason why it is important to ensure your aerial is installed by professionals who have the experience and expertise to ensure you receive the strongest possible signal.

Our service includes:

  • The measuring of Digital signals to ensure an accurate and consistent reception.
  • Correct Digital Aerials installed – Suitable For Your Area.
  • Durable fixings fitted at best location on property for optimum reception.
  • Double screened down lead cables used to distribute signals around your home.
  • Single, Multiroom & tv link outlet options are available (as many rooms as required).
  • All workmanship and products used are fully guaranteed for one year
  • Fixed price offers for peace of mind.
  • The price quoted is the price you pay!

If your installation is standard you could take the offer of a special fixed price discounted deal using quality equipment. Our Fixed price offer includes all brackets, cabling and a fully certified digital aerial.

All of the equipment supplied is of a very high quality and benchmarked in accordance with membership of the industries regulations. If you have any questions regarding installations, or you just want some advice, or are unsure of exactly what you require, please email or call using the details supplied below.

Email us or call our hotline now on 01920 860 800 for friendly, honest advice.